A solid perfume is a perfume mixed with waxes. The idea is as old as the world. Already in the ancient Egyptian pyramids simular blends of perfume and wax were found.

A solid perfume should not only have an attractive fragrance, but it should be soft enough to easily apply to the skin and on the other hand the melting-point has to be sufficiently high that it wll not run from the box on the first sunny day. Advise melting-point over 50 C.

We can offer you the following:
Solid perfumes in bulkpacking for local repacking in small containers or boxes
A very interesting proposal because: you import the product as raw material (giving in many countries an import-duty advantage); you can start on a very small scale to test the market; you can fill the solid perfume in locally obtainable small containers; you do hardly need to invest in filling equipment when you first start.
Please contact us if you want to know more..

We can also offer the solid perfume as ready product, packed in our fancy imitation silver Turtle


Many large companies bought our Turtles as prestigious give aways.
If you have questions, please approach us.

With our WAX-BASE we developed a wax mixture which
1. can absorb enough perfume concentrate
2. remains soft enough on the skin
3. retains a high melting-point and
4. is practically odourless.
Instead spending your time to make a simular product, we suggest that you buy our unperfumed WAX-BASE for making your own solid perfume.
Upon your request we will gladly make you a sampled offer.


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