Non alcoholic perfumes have always been popular with a great number of people. However, in the immediate period behind us admirers of perfumes with alcohol outnumbered by far the users of non alcoholic perfumes.
In fact there are good reasons to use perfumes broken down with alcohol. Because the alcohol as carrier in perfumes, makes most perfumes much much cheaper, more radiant and easier to apply (specially in sprays and aerosols).

In spite of these good reasons, we see today an augmentation in number of users of non alcoholic perfumes. We donot know for which reasons. Without doubt some of the reasons are religion (e.g. strict muslims donot use alcohol, not even in perfumes), skincare (alcoholic solutions are not "skin friendly") and may be the general back to nature tendency giving people at least the idea that non alcoholic perfumes are more pure, more natural.

In the past TOKOS B.V. sold a whole range of non alcoholic perfumes in ready to use bottles, as you can see from the picture on this page. But there has been a change in business; today we mainly sell the non alcoholic perfumes in larger packing to customers who do their own filling and packing in consumer bottles.



Because we have been quite long in the non alcoholic perfume business, our advantage is that we have a great number of bestsellers in our range.

Conclusion: if you are interested in non alcoholic perfumes, either in small packing or in bulk packing, please contact us with your specific wishes and we are sure that we can be of assistance to you.

Recent specialty: upon request, we also blend non alcoholic perfumes consisting of only 100% natural ingredients !

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