Jojoba Oil

JOJOBA oil is the best "support-oil" for perfumery. Whether you like to make a 3% solution of natural rose oil or a skin friendly massage oil, the answer is jojoba oil. Much more expensive but better than e.g. almond oil, advocado oil etc. because jojoba oil has a shelf live of years.
Extended from the seeds of the dessert shrub Jojoba (Simmondsia Chinensis).

A naturally pure liquid wax ester, almost entirely made of non glyceride unsaturated straight chain acids and alcohols of high molecular weight, principally C20 and C22.
Although unsaturated, this wax oil can be stored for years without becoming rancid.
Obtained through natural pressing without preservatives or other chemical additives.

Specifications first grade Jojoba Oil "Liquid Gold":

Origin :USA
Appearence : Golden Yellow
Colour (Lovibond) : 57Y/5.3R max.
Acid Value : 2.0 max.
Specific Gravity (25 C) : 0.840 - 0.865
Refractive Index (25 C) : 1.4580 - 1.4680
Iodine Value : 80 - 90
Saponification Value : 90 - 95
Moisture and Volatile : 1.0 max.
Peroxide Value : 5 max.
Trade Name : "Liquid Gold"










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