Most people, if they hear the words Essential Oils, think automatically about the aroma therapy. It is correct that many Essential Oils are used in the aroma therapy. But next to that, Essential Oils are used as raw materials in flavourings and perfume compounds.
We always try to have some 70 essential oils of the highest quality and purity standards in stock.


We sell the essential oils in three ways:

  1. As such (for aroma therapy) in small and large packing
  2. The expensive types like Rose, Jasmin etc mixed with Jojoba oil and again in small and large packing
  3. As mixtures* to obtain special effects, mostly custom-made upon request of the customer.
    Examples: Skin Relax Blends, Bath Blends, Medicated Purposes, The 3 P Blends (Power, Passion, Pleasure), Massage Blends etc. etc.

    Please contact us if you are interested in such special blends of Essential Oils.

    * We also like to ask your attention for our 100% natural fixative, called FIXADURE. Please see our page Perfume Boosters and Fixative

The following Essential Oils we have almost always in stock:

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A RED letter means that are there no items with this initial letter


Name Origin
Abies Oil Taiwan
Amyris Oil W.I Haiti
Aniseed Oil Spain
Asa Foetida Iran/Holland
Basil Oil Comores
Bergamot Oil Italy
Cade Oil Spain
Cajeput Oil Indonesia
Camphor Oil China
Cananga Oil Indonesia
Caraway Oil Netherlands
Cassia Oil China
Chamomile Oil Wild Morocco
Cedarwood Oil USA
Cinnamon leave Oil Sri Lanka
Citronella Oil Indonesia
Clove leaf Oil Indonesia
Coriander Oil Russia
Dillweed Oil Bulgaria
Eucalyptus Oil Australia
Fennel Oil Spain
Geranium Oil China
Geranium Oil Egypt
Geranium Oil Bourbon Haiti
Ginger Oil China
Grapefruit White USA
Guaiac Wood Oil Paraguay
Holeaf Oil Taiwan
Hyssop Oil Russia
Jasmin Absolute India
Juniperberry Oil Croatia
Laurel Leave Oil Turkey
Lavandin Oil France
Lavender Oil France
Lemon Oil Sicil Italy
Lemongrass Oil India
Lime Oil Dist WI Haiti
Mandarin Oil Red Spain
Marjoram Oil Spain
Myrrh Oil Somalia
Myrtle Oil Mor. Tunesia
Neroli Bigarade Italy
Niaouli Oil Madagascar
Nutmeg Oil Indonesia
Nagarmotha Oil India
Olibanum Oil France
Onion Oil Holland
Orange Oil Calif USA
Origanum Oil Iran
Palmarosa Oil Paraguay
Patchouli Oil Indonesia
Petitgrain Oil Paraguay
Peppermint Oil Yakima USA
Peppermint Oil Willamette USA
Pine Oil Siberian Russia
Pine Oil China
Rose Oil Bulgaria
Rose Oil Concr. Morocco
Rosemary Oil Morocco
Rosewood Oil Brasil
Sage Oil Dalm Croatia
Sandalwood Oil Mysore Agmark India
Spearmint Oil USA
Tea Tree Oil Australia
Thuja Oil Korea
Thyme Oil Light Slovenia
Thyme Oil Red Spain
Valerian Oil China
Vetiver Oil Haiti Haiti
Vetiver Oil Java Indonesia
Wintergreen Oil China
Ylang Ylang Oil I Comores


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