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If you feel after reading the above that you might like to start composing your own perfume concentrates for whatever purpose, we invite you to email us ( ) and we shall let you have our prices and general sales and supply conditions for the products you are interested in.

To be on the safe side, we advise you to use never directly on the skin in whatever preparation more than 20 - 30% of a concentrate. Furthermore we like to point out that all information has been given in good faith and to the best of our knowledge. We have formulated all products as carefully as possible and in accordance to what is customary in our line of business, making use of starting ingredients from only reliable sources. Consequently Tokos B.V. holds no responsibility for the products if packed, shipped, stored, handled or applied in ways uncommon, unusual or improper in the field of perfumery, perfumery products or their related industries.

Our PERFUME BASES can be mixed together in almost endless combinations to obtain your specific PERFUME CONCENTRATE.

Such a concentrate is suitable for a variety of purposes. Three examples:

If you dilute it with alcohol (odourless ethylalcohol) in a dosage of some 20 to 30 percent you have created your own PERSONAL PERFUME.

If you make perfumed candles or creams or soaps or any other cosmetic preparation, you can use the concentrate (in an average dosage of 1 - 5%) to give your final product a non matchable specific FRAGRANCE.

If you are in the business of ceramics, dried flowers, wooden objects etc. you can use the created concentrate to impregnate your product in order to make it more ATTRACTIVE.


We have divided our bases in 2 groups: BB Bases and SE Bases.

The BB's can be used as heart of your concentrate. In other words a large part of your concentrate should consist of a BB or a mixture of BB's. Average 10 - 90%.

To obtain special effects you add a small percentage (average 1 - 10%) of one or more SE's. The name of a SE Base indicate the usage. Like AMBAR SE for a sweet warm amber note, GRASS SE for a green note etc.

Sofar the blending rules in general; it is understandable however, if you like to make a concentrate which for instance smells mainly like Amber you should start with a very high percentage of AMBAR, using it as a Building Block.

The rest is simple: make your tests and trials till you have that particular combination which gives you the fragrance you like.