The following most common questions + answers will hopefully guide you further.

Q. May we order in small quantities ?
A. Yes; we sell in 50 grs, 100 grs, 250 grs, 500 grs, and 1,5,10 and 25 kilos containers.

Q. How long can we keep your bases ?
A. Average two years if repacked from our PET bottles in brown glass and stored not over room temperature.

Q. How do we measure your bases ?
A. Best and easiest way is by weight in grams but also in volume parts is a possibility.

Q. Is it possible to mix your bases with essential oils ?
A. Yes no problem.

Q. Do you sell alcohol and empty bottles ?
A. We donot sell alcohol. We only sell one type empty bottle.

Q. Do we need a fixative ?
A. As a rule a fixative makes a perfume more longlasting. To obtain this we advise you to use our Civettol.

Q. What to do if the mixture is not clear ?
A. Sometimes the blend of bases may become cloudy. If you like to use the concentrate for a purpose which requires a clear solution (like perfume) it is advisable to cool the mixture to some 2 - 5 degree C and filter it.

Q. What to do if the created concentrate is too high in price.
A. Three remedies:
    1. See if you can lower the dosage in the product you intend to perfume.
    2. Dilute the concentrate with a solvent (probably with our Solventia), which make the
        concentrate cheaper but also weaker.
    3. Use our Stratcher, making the concentrate somewhat cheaper without losing too much

Q. Can you give us as example a simple recipe to make a concentrate ?
A. Yes, we can:
           FLOWERFANCY               80 grs. (BB)
           MUSK                                 10 grs. (SE)
           SANDEL                             10 grs. (SE)
                                                      100 grs. Concentrate.